Sunday, September 23, 2007

A New Ride

The past couple of months have been void of sperm. We have not injected since July. The distance of the don don and the insane business of our lives have proven to be major obstacles in our attempts to get pregnant. So, here, in public, I give a shout of thanks out to our don don. Thanks for trying with us. Thank you for familiarizing me with sperm—its smell, its texture, its elasticity. Your sperm will always be the first I ever sucked up in an orange syringe and let fly.

But now, we must move on to closer swimmers. Some very gracious people have offered up the male half of the couple’s sperms. And we have found this arrangement to be comfortable and to make sense. Laughing about the process with these folks has made me love the adventure even more. Now, fresh sperm will be just a few blocks away, and I will be able to pick the stuff up via bicycle and ride it home to my sweet girl’s eager cavern.

I cannot stress how happy I am that I can ride my bicycle to pick up the life giving liquid. Riding my bicycle makes me incredibly happy. Every morning I wake up excited to get on my bike and ride to work. Many mornings I meet my dear friend T and we take off for the wild world of Ann Arbor. Riding my bike to work makes me feel like a kid; riding my bike to work with a friend makes me feel like a super kid out on a play date rather than on my way to the stress riddled realities of social injustice that I become submerged in throughout the day. The ride in prepares me for a long day; the ride home helps take my mind to the present moment.

my single gear-redline 9.2.5.

Riding is like that. It turns a mind and body to the presence of air and ground and wind and gravel and concrete and grass and rivers. Riding over roads and paths, consumes the senses with all that surrounds the body. I have to become consumed, because I have to pay attention to every detail happening around me. The wiz, wiz, wiz of too many cars becomes a mantra of refusal to be clipped. The ferocity of the wind can set the pace and make me feel like I am riding in the midst of something miraculous.

Riding in a rainstorm initiates a deep satisfaction in my soul. It is like swimming on land. We are able to delve into the mystery of water while breathing in oxygen. Even the freezing months’ rides deliver a thrill. While it may be difficult to get my ass out of the house on those 20-something degree mornings, once we are on the road the anticipation of warming up by mile 5 speeds up the heart, warms the muscles, and breathes life into our blood.

I am amazed and blessed and thrilled that I can now combine my love of being out in the world on my bicycle, traversing the landscapes and moving through the present moment, with this sugar patch creation adventure.

Again, thank you dear don don.

And now, onto the new ride


birdy.j said...

amanda from "down south"- please let us know your blog name or how to contact you- we can't find it!
signed, the injector's girlfriend

Matthew said...

i heart bicycles.
ride on nat!

Amanda said...

Hi, that would be me! i can't log in as anything but my old Blogger name, so here goes:
Congrats on finding the new donor--having someone nearby is going to make this SO much less stressful for you both.
And by the way, your bike is WAY cooler than mine. ;)

gold star said...

Your description of biking to work is so lovely. Jealousy overtook me as I read.

Every day, as ride the subway to work, bashed against all of fricking humanity, I wish I were riding my bike instead. Or preferably, my horse.

Lo, the love/hate relationship with NYC. As old as time.

I'm glad to hear of the near-ness of the new sperm. Good luck.

andrea m. said...

ah, you two...all the prepping for the babe to come, you are already kick ass mommies. this little souls that chooses to visit you is so lucky, as you will be married forever, serving each other till death.
i know how it goes, you describe so perfectly. keep breathing! keep writing. biking thro the rain is wonderful..although i feel sorry for rose on the back of the bike, but i love it!
i am sending all good vibes your way. most of all relax and act silly. love, andrea from interlochen