Friday, September 19, 2008

my thumb tip is dangling and hope is dried up...

i am having a hell of a week.

and now when i thought i would write an update here on this public blathersphere, i can barely type.

see, i sliced off (well actually it is a flap of 1/4 inch skin) part of my thumb tip this morning. the best thing about slicing my thumb, besides kk taking great care of it, was it made me forget about my headache.

on a heavier note--clomid sucks. kk took it this cycle and then failed to ever get an LH surge. she has always surged, usually for 12 hours and now she takes this drug and does not surge at all...

i am over this.

we are both at the end of our ropes and will most likely take a break from all things pregnancy related. we did inject a few times based on the days that k typically ovulates, but i have no hope. it has been dried up or washed down the drain or strung up on the wall like miserable christmas lights.

that's it.

update over...


vee and jay said...

So sorry your clomid hopes turned out to be empty promises. We always resented the breaks, but sometimes they were just the medicine we needed. Hugs to you both.

PS - you should swap finger injury stories with jay. She stabbed one of hers cutting pumpkin and it has since been known as The Poorly Finger.

Anonymous said...

glad your thumb tip is still attached, mostly. that's all it takes (mostly). I think taking a break is a really good idea. I support a break for sanity and for resting purposes. love you both.

J said...

sorry to here. me and my partner live in southeastern michigan as well.....going on on second IVF attempt.

both went to emu....

don't give up! make sure you guys are getting all the testing done....we waited until the 8th IUI. It could have saved us a lot if we would have looked into careful detail earlier.

maybe try a higher dose of clomid or move onto infertility meds. make sure you find out what your employer covers!

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry. That is a hell of a week. I've chopped off a finger tip before and with so many nerve endings there, it might have been my whole arm.

Clomid was the beginning of our end. Come take a break with us. I can't tell you how bittersweet it is breathing normally again.

We'll all be parents. I think having a break between now and then is understandable and necessary sometimes to the health of our heads and hearts.

All the love in the world to you and kk.