Saturday, July 11, 2009

life is so full

life is so full.

goodness, green, stress, sweat, muscle pain, fatigue, happiness, heartache, sore hands, hard dreams, escape dreams, chewing and swallowing, speaking to one another, crying, smiles forming everlasting creases on the surfaces of human skin, not knowing, knowing too much, wishing for more, yearning for less, wondering, being mean, being kind, patterns, persistence, the calm before the wind comes blowing hard and fast, the calm after the rain leaves dents in the soil, burning in the gut, watching the birds, learning to love always, listening to the sadness, vegetables, animals, bees flying dances of fertility all around the yard, berries, drying the clothes that keep us sheltered from the elements of wind, rain, and fire, calf muscles pulsing as pedals push, enjoying friendship and family, food and drink, dancing on the porch, laughter.

knowing our ever empty wombs are right and that in spite of no children our lives are full and good and sad and lovely and all of it.

below are pictures from the last many weeks.
life is so full.

blackberries--many bushes live and give in our yard

my new beehive in the back of our perennial garden

pie made by A from the blackberries and mulberries in our yard

K hanging clothes on the new clothesline that A and me (and my pops did help with drilling the eye screws) built and put in while k was in scandanavia

a beautiful turnip from one of my vegetable gardens

the turnips cooked in butter in salad with feta and walnuts

garden flowers

trey and me after the ypsilanti fourth of july parade that we rode our bikes in


birdy.j said...

please know that i do not really wear socks and sandals like that. (so vain, yes i am). those are my we-have-a-wet-basement-throwaway-sandals.

Anonymous said...

I love these pictures but I especially LOVE yr tshirt. I want one!