Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Ode to Autumn in Michigan

Autumn finally hit Michigan. I love it. On Saturday, we went to a family halloween party and then came home early enough to catch a dose of sperm. I rode over to the BD's house for a generous portion of the live little swimmers(he is no longer new, so now we can refer to him as Bio-dad or baby's donor, but BD does him fine). If I have not mentioned it yet, I will now, the BD consistently ejaculates between 3 and 3.2 CCs. I am amazed at the quantity every time I pull it up in my sweet, orange syringe.

Now back to the love of Autumn...We arrived home from the family party. My kk and the BD exchanged texts regarding drop into jar, ready, set, send the injector on over via bicycle. Except this particular night marked the first super chilly ride over to the BD's, so I had to dress a bit warmer and wear gloves. It was edging down to high 30s.

I was speedy on the way over. I got there and realized that the little swimmers needed to be kept warm due to the glorious arrival of the real fall (chilly nights, cold mornings, warmer afternoons, chilly nights, and on it goes). So, in front of the BD I reached down and up my shirt simultaneously to try and maneuver the former tomato paste jar, transformed into sperm vessel, between my bosoms and up against my chest wall and sports bra. Injector, "Sorry but it is getting colder out." BD, "Yeah, you gotta keep em' warm, now."

Then we chatted about pumpkin guts scattered by terror squirrels, social gathering woes, and a particular horror movie.

I pedaled home with a burst of energy trying to keep my little critters warm in the crevice of motherly love.

KK was waiting, but I made her take pictures of me pulling the potential sugar patch elixir out of my shirt. I sucked them up in my trusty syringe and once again (i've lost count now) let the suckers fly.

I kept you warm when you were cold

To look in great befuddlement upon the liquid gold; warm and sticky

Upon injection the sugary, bleach scented liquid found a constant warmth to combat the chill of Autumn in the cavern of kk's female parts. So is my ode to fall in Michigan.


amanda said...

You are hysterical--i love the way you write!
Yipee for fall and yipee for new cycles and hopeful pregnancies! i had quite a few funny experiences with baby food jars in the waistband of my pants to and from donor drop off. i just don't think you get it until you've done it. ;)

Att said...

(Hi, I'm Att, how're you?)

According to my partner's guilty testimony, her donor collection was a bit weird. Our known donor, WonderSperm, flew into Dallas the day before she passed through. The sperm was frozen and put in a cryo container thing. Fil carried this container safely between her legs, nestled against her lady parts as if she were wishing the precious genetic cargo to be HER genetic cargo.

starrhillgirl said...

Hey, we use the same sort of tomato paste! I used an old jam jar for sperm though.
Good luck - there's a bunch of us doing the deed, as the straight kids say, this weekend.