Saturday, October 20, 2007

Update on our attempts at making a sugarpatch

me with a jar of jiz--wet and sweaty from my ride to pick it up...

I've been a slacker in describing our most recent experiences in the world of procreation. Mostly, I think I've been lacking in words because the last injection phase was so excellent and I was not sure if I could do our experience justice here.

I will be brief, but give a simple play by play.

1. We got a new donor.
2. He is super great.
3. His lady is super great.
4. We like their family a super lot.
5. We signed some papers.
6. I performed the first pick up by bicycle. Riding through the mist to their house to claim the prize was invigorating and fun. I sucked up the first gift of jiz and shot it up into my baby. His smells different--but still bleachy and unusual with a hint of candy, sweetness.
7. The following evening we picked up another gift and shot it up into kk real quick on the couch. We covered her with blankets and crossed our fingers that our roommate would not arrive while I was under the covers injecting the swimmers up into her body.
8. We tried again the next morning. The NBD (new baby donor) arrived on our front porch with a gift of jiz early. How sweet. Again, I shot kk up on the couch so I could talk to her while I made coffee and toast.
9. We went up north for the fall get away and hoped that the swimmers might take.
10. On Sunday morning, while still up north kk had her SURGE of HORMONES. We trucked on home. NBD gave us a hand off that evening. I shot kk up again.
11. Monday morning our very kind NBD dropped another wad of jiz to us. And once again we did a couch injection.
12. Kk's temperature went up on Tuesday morning which means her egg fell right into some swimmers.
13. We had our fingers crossed for days.
14. I started my period before kk; this does not usually happen, so we thought hmm....(I also got this really cool tampon pouch. It is called Vinnie's Tamp Case--it is cute and makes me laugh.)
15. Alas, while in Nashville, before we came home to find our treasured pumpkins ripped off, kk started her period.
16. Swimmers failed to take this time around.
17. Looking forward to this next round of tries.
18. NBD thank-you for your steady stream of fluids:)


andrea m. said...

Hi. me again. have you heard of the every-other-day rule? not that i think this sort of thing needs the sperm time to build up and be "stronger"...otherwise it's over taxing...less results.

we could talk more about this..

the injector said...

hey, andrea!
you are so right...
kk knows about this desired need to delay in ejaculation, but we have yet to adhere to the rules. I would love to chat about it, anytime.

andrea m. said...

cool. i will get ahold of you. i will have to dig out the article this woman in tai chi gave to me when i was trying. it was like a 1960's master's and johnson essay about how to get preg. she said everyone that read it got preg. i think i was already, by the time i read it, but it's worth it to look at (very dated). but there's current stuff. great book: natural fertility by jessica nash (how to achieve or avoid pregnancy). very knowledgable english lady!
peace in our times,

andrea m. said...

sorry, franchesca (sp?) nash.

Amanda said...

Wow, no doubt on the "steady stream"! You are definitely covering the bases! i hope that all works out for this coming cycle--my fingers are crossed.