Friday, December 21, 2007

Reminders of Spring

Little Birds...

It's Winter Solstice! After today, the days will stay light a little longer and Spring will be a little closer to erupting in life and loveliness.

As a reminder of the coming spring, I've been listening to an album made for and with children, You are My Little Bird by Elizabeth Mitchell She is able to revive the sweetest gems of songs and make my heart ache with happiness and longing.

Years ago, K and I stumbled upon Mitchell's You are My Flower (with a beautiful cover of A.P. Carter's You are My Flower--Carter Family Fold) and spread the love to many friends with kids, but adult me found it to be so uplifting and good.

And now You are My Little Bird is feeling me up with gleefulness. Birds always bring
out memories of spring--the time of life unfolding in waves of bounty before our eyes. But Winter has little tid-bits of life lingering on the edges. Even the snow is full of new energy falling onto the frozen, semi-inert earth. Problem is when the snow stays put and no new snow falls; the old snow gets all hard and dirtied (from too many cars and too many factories and too many people) and out-right unsightly. When this happens, my yearning for Spring gets bigger.

For now, I will listen to this sweet music and celebrate the coming longer days and today's longest night of the year.


tiff said...

Stay positive girl. You are a great writer, and one who always seems to see the good in your world, while acknowledging the bad. I'm sorry you guys aren't pregnant. Hoping 2008 makes all your baby dreams come true.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year :)

starrhillgirl said...

My kids, the ones in my class that is, sing Little Bird every year. I plan to start teaching it to them when we get back from vacation. Elizabeth Mitchel is fab. And Spring is coming.

Sarah said...

Hello there. I'm new to your blog. Actually, about an hour new. I just read all your posts and now you are my new favorite blogger. Because: 1. I like your family. 2. I like that you garden and ride a bike. 3. Elizabeth Mitchell is wonderful. 4. You and K will be the most amazing mums ever. I shouldn't go on. I think I'm overdoing it. Here's to a very sugary-sweet new year. ox