Friday, July 18, 2008

government--keep your hands off our bodies and families...

wednesday we tried another iui. once again, the midwife could not get the tube through k's cervix into the uterus.
maybe k has a special fold. hmm...

whatever the case, we head out to the repro doc next week and we are unable to tell him about the twist in k's cervix because it is illegal in MI to do iuis unless you are using frozen sperm or the donor is planning to father the child you are trying to create.

so, the health code in MI is set up to prevent stds--i get the reasoning--but queer girls get the shaft in the process, cause the legislature never thought about the ramifications their governing of other people's bodies might have on queer people. cause really, for the most part, they could give two shits and probably, for the most part, many of them would rather only straight, missionary like married nuclear families exist.

if ever, there is movement into even a more retrograde, ass-backwards state of lawfulness in this MI of mine that i love with too much fervor for reasons that have nothing to do with politics or the economy, k and i will need to pack up our lives and head to the border by the river=canada.

mi keeps coming up with terrible constitutional amendments-1. banning affirmative action 2. banning gay marriage forever and with it banning partnership benefits for gay folks who work for any publicly funded (that means taxpayer impacted) institutions. this all happened in the last four years.

while i am critical of the institution of marriage for multiple reasons (the number one reason, why should people get special treatment just because they love each other and choose to be sexual companions over two people who live together and are single but don't fuck? I mean if there was a campaign to ensure the same kinds of rights and breaks that come with marriage for all people in this country-not just partnered people-i would be more convinced to jump on board), i do want to know that the kid k and i end up creating will not be stripped away from one of us due to the non-existence of laws that might protect our rights to guardianship.

all in all, there are just so many layers of shit to wade through for queer folks (and many other groups of people) because so many lawmakers are either not expert enough at looking at the ramifications of their lawmaking, deliberately make laws that oppress whole groups of people, or make laws without really thinking about how those laws impact their whole constituency (of course this is much more complicated, but this is my blog and i can give the short reasoning if i feel like it).

i guess after hundreds of years of the enactment of draconian and shortsighted laws, we still have not learned our lessons or come up with a better way to live together in society...

but i really think there are too many people hell-bent on otherizing whole groups of people and scrambling for little bits of power here and there. i know i should not get my panties in such a bunch about a simple little clause in the health code that makes it illegal to shoot fresh sperm directly into the uterus, but frankly if government is so worried about the spread of stds shouldn't they create laws that stop strangers from going home together and fucking...oh maybe that is on the horizon--no fucking for straights. shouldn't we station cops at bars and have them hound the boys and girls sniffing each other out for sex? oh, wait gay folks have already been subjected to this kind of monitoring...and still are.

once again, so many laws and codes and rules and pages of bureaucratic reasoning make little sense and harm people more than help. we will keep on doing whatever we need to get knocked up and believe you me no government entity is going to tell me or k what we can or cannot do with our bodies.


1invermillion said...

Well, stick around a little longer and see who wins the presidency...maybe the whole country will have civil unions soon. Sigh.

- Strawberry

starrhillgirl said...

You wear panties?

All this bullshit about who can do what to whose body and what fluids can go where - arg. Makes me nuts. I've been so, so lucky that all the medical people I'm dealing with are very chill about it all, but it sucks that we speak in these veiled terms so nobody gets in trouble. Maybe your fertility doc will turn out to be fed-up with the bullshit, too and then will help you navigate the stupid regulations as well as help get kk's prog in line.
Or maybe this cycle will stick and 40 weeks you can, as my nurse practitioner said to me, strap your baby on and go lobby to change shit.

Anonymous said...

Who's organizing on this in MI? Should ice cream to your house or cash to those organizers? Or both?



jessie said...

Such bullshit. Keep on keeping on. That's all we can do. I've been very angry about these many inequities lately. VERY angry.

myryah said...

Damn skippy!

Great post, Injector. I especially enjoyed the line: "i really think there are too many people hell-bent on otherizing whole groups of people and scrambling for little bits of power here and there."

I too am hopeful about the upcoming tenure of a more thoughtful, intelligent, humane president... CHANGE!

Anonymous said...

i'm voting for a move to canada, personally...particularly vancouver? try it, you might like it. i'm really scared to think of just how slow MI is going to be in making real changes...our damn kids might be teenagers by then, uninsured thanks to MI voters, or being adversely affected by the lack of affirmative action at UM/MSU/EMU etc...or whatever hellish things they stick on the ballot next. sheesh.