Tuesday, April 28, 2009

3000 miles

On Friday, April 24 (which also happened to be my 33rd birthday), I hit 3,000 miles on my bicycle--the good old Portland. I was particularly happy cause it happened in the a park I love beside the River I love. I rode 3,000 in less than 11 months--it is a nice number--3,000.

Since February 7, I have rode 632 miles--this is mostly commuting mileage! So, I really have gotten my physical stride back since all that was once alive in me died and came spilling out between my legs. However, to be honest, I have not gotten my emotional stride back and that leaves my body feeling fatigued and worried and all out of whack.

So, if I am a bit missing in action from this blog, it is because I am a bit missing in action from my own life. I keep on keeping on, but things are muddled and foggy and heavy right now.

Back to the 3,000--a lovely number; the number I hit on my birthday! hooray.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations. I wish I could say that I had ridden that far in such a short time. You must be really in shape!

Good luck with your emotional fatigue. I feel the same way at times.

Joy said...

Happy Birthday! Congrats on the 3k!

Anonymous said...

You have now officially ridden 3000 more miles than me.
Happy Birthday!
Hang tight, babe. I feel like my emotional stride is still out of whack - or maybe that I have yet to be able to walk well in this new normal. Whatever it is, I feel you. Spring is here, though - growing food is good.

jay said...

woo for the 3k! wish i could do that. and happy birthday. sending lots of hugs. xx