Tuesday, April 14, 2009

a sunday walk--in photos

oh sign that made me know the day was today

[I can barely type cause my fingertips took almost two hours of beating this morning on my ride into work. I flatted for the first time on the Portland. I put 2897 miles on it before the rear tube finally went fizzle, flat. I was dripping wet and cold (it was only abut 36 degrees), but I finally made it to work and that subject is not the point of this post.]

The point of the post is to give you all a little photo essay of my sunday walk around ypsilanti. Over the last many months, I've made it a bit of a habit to take my camera on my long walks through the town I love. Ypsilanti is old and there hangs on the streets and building the energies of people and animals and other living things gone by and then there are still the living things--enormous oak trees, the ever living Huron River, the people old and young, and the birds plentiful and lovely in sound and sight.

this river i love

a bike at the bus station

the buds are erupting

blue behind fence

kissing birds in the stone yard

after the walk; drinking dark horse crooked tree ipa and reading poetry on the porch


Honey said...

You take lovely photos. I've never been to Ypsilanti, but I've known friends who lived there at one time or another. What's "the Portland"? I'm typing this in Portland right now, so I was just wondering what kind of Portland you claim as your own.

the injector said...

the Portland is my bicycle. It is a 2007 Trek Portland (bought in May of 2008 at a very good sale price). It is a burnt orange rust and my trusty companion and transportation. It is called the Portland cause it was built to hall ass through rain and hills--like in Portland. But it suits me just fine here in Michigan. As of next week (I only have 30.3 miles to go), i will have 3,000 miles on it (and I will have only owned it for 11 months--this has me geeked).

How do you like Portland--the city that is?

andrea said...

oh, thanks for the Ypsi photos. I spent many years there trying to figure myself out.
your photos are gorgeous. miss you two!