Monday, September 7, 2009

coop, insects, photos

soon chickens will be living in here

Right now my body is hurting with some deep muscle pain from hours of scraping and prepping our front porch for a new coat of paint, priming the clothesline poles and the porch rail, and helping to carry an enormous chicken coop over our fence and then screwing it together (at one point k and I almost literally appeared to be screwing the chicken ramp cause it landed between our legs while drilling up under the house).

Besides house improvements and mini-urban farming, I've also been riding plenty of mileage on my bicycle. I am up to 4,400 miles.

Lately, I have this obsession with insects and eugene o'neill. Below are some pictures I took on one of my bike rides down by the river i love.


many at work


alone at work



jay said...

ab! me and vee are jealous! please document your chickens' progress! also, hope you're hurting less now. xx

andrea said...

who made that coop? good one. i envy your cozy and creative and dynamic life and relationship. sounds like you are doing some WORK on your it over?? love to you and K!