Monday, September 28, 2009

some pictures instead of some moaning

I wrote this whole big thing about a lot of the complex internal shit going on in my head and heart and then I thought, "not now."

So, instead, below are some pictures from the last couple of weeks.


they love to be near us:

a lot:

my new paint job on the old porch and my kk's mums:

bicycle tires outside ypsi cycle:

the new adobe oven at the growing hope center:

driving along with my darling in a borrowed truck:

one wall to the mobile chicken run i've been building:

the gift of eggs from our lovely hens:

a break during the 62 mile ride of the tour de troit:


Mrs. Basement said...

you and kk behind the wheel is gorgeous!

Matthew said...

How was the 62 mile version of the Tour De Troit? The 30 mile one was painfully slow and crowded...

Matthew said...

all i have to say is awesome awesome awesome. it's all beautiful and so are the both of you. though you were sitting awfully close to K while she was driving...

jay said...

love the photos!!

(and - disrespect sucks.)