Sunday, January 3, 2010

our year in pictures--part 1

not that a year can belong to any human, but here are some of the things we did and loved while doing it...

I did not write about it here, but after the miscarriage, etc. k and i held a special ritual to say goodbye to that which could have been and the pain of trying to conceive for so long then having it happen so quickly then losing it all at once. our friend drew our blood and then we froze it and then we mixed it with soil from our yard and lavender from my garden and we burned flames and read poems and threw it all in the river that i love--huron.

herb and corn garden with bees--sweet lovely creatures that create life giving liquid. ever thankful is my heart for their existence.

and then we had chickens.

the front of the house where we make our lives. someday, i hope to build a bike rack with a thyme bed beneath it, so that when we lock our bicycles the deep green scent of thyme comes alive.

the community garden that i am steward of--we had a lot of gardeners.

that's my mama with me. we rode to the top of a hill in northern michigan. me and k whipped my ma into agonizing leg pain. but she loved it. and so did we.

at k's dad's place up north with my wee boy nephews and girl niece. my sis and her husband and ma and dad all came on vacay with us and we had a lovely time! I am so proud of my little sister; she is a very, very good mama (and her man a very good daddy) and their children become more amazing human beings every single day.

discovering karaoke with dear friends at this strange joint and the house dog a poodle with pink and purple dyed fur.

a mantis in northern michigan. how i love this part of the planet and all the creatures that roam here.

we dug a swale during my permaculture course with mid.west permaculture. it was sweaty and delightful.

our baby, bike ypsi, kept on cyling along. we held another spring ride and another fall ride and hosted all kinds of fun rides and participated in advocacy efforts. how i love to bicycle and how i love the community cycling creates.

a thatch roof we saw during my permaculture course field trip.

threw a big thanksgiving with k and a and had all our families over!

my love; my darling; my lifemate; my best friend in the whole damn world with the big lake behind her--the lake we both love the lake that feels ancient and cold and bigger than this little living we are doing here beneath the stars.


Mrs. Basement said...

the first and the last are the total best. arresting and awesome :) happy 2010

jessie said...

a beautiful life