Thursday, July 29, 2010

brief and scattered

damn. time is flying. k is something near 22 weeks along. we saw it in an ultra sound. we did find out the sex last week because I want to name the little thing a very gendered name while it is still up inside her mama and so she has been named.

in other news, k is moving toward planning a home birth. we have a midwife and everything!

and approximately three weeks or so ago k, a, and i had to kill another chicken due to what i have home-diagnosed as vent gleet. this nasty ailment is basically a chicken yeast infection. it causes the chicken's ass to become a pasty mess and the chicken suffers from nasty shits.

one of our other-still-living-older chickens now seems to have it also. She has been isolated from the rest of the flock, and we are treating her with minimal amounts of apple cider vinegar and yogurt. but i fear another killing is in the near future.

we also have acquired two young, five month old hens. they are speedy demons.
The gardens are bumping along. Below are some pics to brighten your day.

New hive and experimental squash garden

comfrey and new gardens

bee hives, squash gardens under black walnut, straw layering new clover seed

buffy; she is not a sick chicken; waddles is sick and is now named raggedy ass number III

2 comments: said...

how beautiful, thanks for sharing. we have just moved into a new place giving up our established garden and fruit trees. renting is like that. i love seeing pictures of other people's flocks, we had to rehome ours because our dogs were harassing them. you live an enchanted life!

effingdykes said...

I love your blog.
Craaaaaaap now I'm going to have to read all the backlog awwwwwww why do you hafta have good stories and great pictures???
Can I dive into your backyard? You look like you have a lovely life.