Thursday, July 8, 2010

she's hot

yep, literally and figuratively.

and she's mine.

she's wearing the fun outfit in these pictures right now, next to me, on the couch. she's got it on to keep her cool, cause damn it has been hot. and since she came down stairs sporting her belly and her bountiful bosoms, I just had to take a picture and share with all of you her tube top and yellow shorts.

kk is going for the big ultrasound tomorrow afternoon. we will check the sex and make sure he/she is alive and all that. We will also check on the hemorrhage to see what she's been up to. hopefully, she dug a hole out and has permanently left my beloved's body.

we will be checking to see what hangs or does not hang between the little thing's legs. these queers--that's us--are checking the sex cause we have two very gendered names picked for the kid and so one of those names will indeed be assigned to the kid based on the sex. we still live in a very gendered world and still happen to prefer two very gendered names...lifted, of course, from two dead people who left remarkable bits of stardust and wisdom all over the pages of books and in the halls of libraries and the bedside reading tables of many, many people.

back to sweating by my sizzling mama to be.


Mrs. Basement said...

thank you for the pics! and im so excited to hear your literary names :)

Dee said...

Cent #1: Based on that wonderful belly, baby is definitely alive and well;

Cent #2: It's a boy which means you have to name him Pablo (after Pablo Neruda, natch). Had it been a girl, you could have named her Frida. But nah, it's Pablito. Mostly because we need someone to pass down the Wonder Baby's clothes to.


jay said...

hooray! hope the ultrasound goes swimmingly.