Saturday, November 3, 2007

the roommate and his harp

Kk and I have finished up all the injecting for this time around. We now begin the wait to see if any of it met up with a lone egg and stuck.

We had quite the hilarious adventure this time around, at least for some of the process. She received one donation relatively early in the evening and since she remains horizontal in various configurations for at least two hours after an injection, she wanted to be in front of the television set and tune out as the swimmers slipped through her dark, wet parts.

Problem is, we currently have a roommate so dosing up on the couch proves to be tricky when he is on the grounds. This particular evening the roommate had brought his harp home and he was upstairs, in his room, plucking away on it. I was keeping the wee sperms warm as kk squirreled around getting a gigantic comforter. She proceeded to wiggle her body under it. I gathered up the 3ccs in my trusty syringe and burrowed under the comforter. All the while the sweet plucking of harp strings echoed through the house, and I kept my fingers crossed that the roommate would remain doing just that. She pulled down her pants; I got on all fours under the fluffy cover of comforter, and then I found her precious opening, plunged it in, and slowly, accurately, determinedly let it spew into her.

Then I came up for breath out of the blanket nearly sweating in our freezing house due to the nervousness of potentially being caught by our kind, sweet roommate. The harp still resonated through the house. We had slinked through the whole injection without detection. We laughed.


starrhillgirl said...

Whew. Close one. But conception by harp music sounds nice.

The first time my old KD came over to do his thing, my ex-girlfriend's mother stopped by my house unexpectedly. It was - ah - awkward.

amanda said...

Awesome--nothing like a little excitement added to the procedure! ;) We had a few of those TV centered insems ourselves. Good times.

And GOOD LUCK this cycle!

gold star said...

awww...that's how it should be done.