Thursday, November 15, 2007

Speculum days

In spite of the recent let down--no lovely encounter between the swimmers and an egg--I'm feeling pretty chill at this point. I'm trying to overcome my usual twitchy, anxiety laden behavior for something more subdued. So a calmness has been setting in to my gut and heart--what will be, will be, and I will remain glad to be alive and in love with life.

Now calmness does not mean I am forbidden to imagine how to become the best injector I can be. We are about to venture down the road of speculum dominated days. Kk is buying a speculum off ebay (oh, not really, but that is where i thought she was buying it from and announced this to a group of people only to be laughed at)--Maia Midwifery is more like it.

Once the speculum is in hand, I will be in charge of checking the mucus. This means I get to look up inside kk and see what her mucus is doing for the day. I hope I can tell the damn difference between the fertile type and the brick wall, tangly web, block the sperm type. Right now, kk usually just reaches up and pulls a little out and stretches it in front of me and asks "do you think that is egg whitey stretchy?" And I say, "not quite sure; do you think it is?"

I will have to become a better decipherer of the thick, thin, slick, clear, white, opaque, translucent, shimmery liquid that sloshes so sexily between my darling, darling lover's legs. This challenge will hopefully keep my mind off the anxiety and more on kk's oh so sweet body that I am blessed to hold and snuggle and kiss and lick and love.


amanda said...

That is so sweet!

Good luck with the mucus adventure. It can definitely be challenging to decipher between all the textures and consistencies, but i think the speculum is a great place to start. You can tell a lot from the position and openness, too.

Fingers crossed!

andrea m. said...

i used to work for a group called Gyneca health educators. we demo-ed breast and pelvic exams for med./nursing/midwife students. very patient centered, very comfortable. now i wish i could just give you the speculum i had for years, they're pretty inexpensive, tho. and i could tell you about very comfy insertion! do you have my email or phone #? a? keep up the good work you are awesome!!! said...

Hi Andrea

Could you please send me the info on Gyneca? Thank You