Saturday, June 21, 2008

iui #2 continued

Scene 12
I did eventually wake up after going to bed...and then kk told me i could not just end it like i ended it. I had yet to include the most important parts.

So the saga continues...for one more scene at least.

Scene 13
kk is up in the stirrups. her orangy colored hair compliments the light brown sheets and her brown collar shirt marvelously. Her sun soaked skin is almost like caramel in this setting.

All the ladies are in the room--the midwife S, M the apprentice, and K the apprentice and yours truly (but I am something not-quite-lady like). I hold kk's hand and the three woman stand around her spread eagle legs.

S preps the speculum and slides it into kk, but kk winces so M runs and gets a smaller one (this is strange cause kk is usually wide enough for various objects, but those plastic speculums suck ass and pinch vaginal walls). When she is all propped, S slides the long thingy up to her cervix then through the first hole and then tries to push on into the uterus, but alas kk is blocked (she may have already dropped the egg).

S pulls it back out and kk puts her legs up on S's shoulders and she tried again, but no go. So I just press the thingy and shoot it in her cervix and so is life...

The end of iui #1

p.s. you are all real sweet with your comments and good lucks and such--thank you


vee said...

Hey, I meant to mention this when I commented on your last post - did they tell KK to come for the IUI with a full bladder? Apparently, having a full bladder pushes the uterus up in more of a straight line with the cervix, making it easier to get the catheter the whole way through because it's not trying to go round a corner (because cervixes are always open - just more or less so).

If it wasn't suggested, I'd try it for next time. If there is a next time. Which I hope there won't be.

gold star said...

You're a funny one, even when you've got this frustration going on.

birdy.j said...

I did have a full bladder, but I emptied it upon arrival- oops.
Really, the title of these last two entries should be "ICI"- the sperms DID make it in the cervix, just not through the second hole. Not really sure what that means but i believe that is what s told us......

NotesFrom2Moms said...

ive come to believe that all insems are crazy like that. I think its for the time we get pregnant we will have a story to tell the wee one. Good luck and hope this is your last experiment in patience.