Thursday, June 26, 2008

she has white in her hair

yesterday, as we stood outside an ann arbor restaurant waiting for a seat to eat dinner with two friends after an exceedingly long day at work, i saw the most beautiful white strands of hair on kk's head.

I've seen them before, but there were more yesterday. the after a storm gleaming, copper gray of dusk mingled with the copper color of kk's hair in a way that made the white stand out. Our friend R said K's gonna be a beautiful old lady with white hair, and i agreed whole heartedly.

She is stunning in these days of her youthful 30s and the white adds a brightness to her head; she almost shines. So, imagine in 15 more years, she will shine even more, and I will drink in her beauty like a sweet elixir that brings me laughter and joy and the same tangible feeling of aliveness that pours through my chest when i witness the morning webs of spiders sidling over the fertile dirt--intricately woven, light side-stepping through the strands almost transparent, almost that bridge to something more eternal than this now.


jessie said...

All I can say is WOW

Shan said...

awww...this is so sweet. i hope someone loves all of my white hairs the way you love kk's.

as of now, i choose to color them. but snipits like this give me hope that someday, someone will appreciate me for who i am.

reticulatedmama said...

you're awesome.

tiff said...

what an amazing post. it is very apparent how much you love her - throughout your entire blog. she is a lucky lady to have someone like you. your passion for her is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

xo to you both -