Thursday, August 14, 2008

a perfectly beautiful uterus and other stuff...

me in four square costume
another crazy ass week is biting the dust. we've been busy little reproducers. a visit to the re happened last friday and k got her female organs prodded and picture snapped.

the doctor said all her soft, fleshy baby-making stuff (uterus, tubes, cervix, etc) are just perfectly beautiful.

we breathed a heavy sigh of relief with an anguished question of really? oh damn? connected to the relief sigh. mostly, we wanted to know why the fuck she has not gotten knocked up yet if everything is so perfectly beautiful.

this doctor was different than the other doctor cause other doctor was on vacay, but we think that k may need to go on clomid just to get her hormones in a perfectly succinct dance.

we've still been trying this time around. for what it is worth...?

My left knee ballooned up last thursday and is still swollen and it has me very pissed cause i've refrained from riding my bicycle for a few days and that makes me antsy and angry. see, i was on a roll--up until balloon knee--I had been putting 100 or more miles a week on the new bicycle. at 12 weeks old she had 1205 miles on her and now it is all at a stand still. my knees do this shit about twice a year and i am tired of it cause i am only 32...what will happen when i am 60?

last friday evening i participated in a four square tournament. i played on team rocket. we did not win, but we had the best costumes and did win a trophy named jan for our attire.
team rocket

Our good friend KG was in town all week and we had plenty of fun and good times.

and saturday we leave for vacation. carp lake here we come. we will be staying at k's dad's all seasons resort. This is my eighth summer going up there for vacay--it is kind of crazy how time flies.


Anonymous said...

Ha. One of my all time favorite arm wrestler girls here has a fake mustache as the base for her whole costume/persona. Y'all look great.

I'm glad K's internal girl parts look so good. Tell her I want to make a pact to get pg in the fall

reticulatedmama said...

in that first pic i thought you were a big blow up float one would see in a parade. creepy....

qweerblue said...

You look like a muppet. Honestly. I keep looking at your picture, and all I see is a swingin' 70s muppet. Very nice. Enjoy your vacation--you sure have earned it this year. xoxo

Mutti said...

I love your answer to the question, "where are your children?" So true, but so often we forget to look beyond the obvious answer. Keep taking care of those children - you're doing a fabulous job. I hope your knee feels better and all goes well this cycle.

tiff said...

that is one sweet picture!!!

So glad that everything looked great....I'm hoping for you guys. xo