Monday, August 25, 2008

roll with it

the view from the top of the resort!

our time up north is winding down. we will come home for our staycation tomorrow, and i will not go back to work until september 2--YES!

the vacation has been beautiful. it also all flew by way too quickly.

we've taken in so much sunshine and water and green living things and human beings.

it has also been a strange and bewildering time.

the first sunday we were here k's ex-girlfriend, A, arrived at the cabins with her 60 something aunt. they stayed in our cabin with us for four nights and then moved on over to cabin 11 after k's aunt A left-- aunt A was here for four days of our vacation and k's ex was here for 6 days.

(now, you all might be asking what was k's ex girlfriend doing hanging with you on your vaction? well, her mama died just a few weeks ago and she had come home from new orleans to michigan to be with her ma as she passed on and then she needed to get away from the mayhem of the aftermath of her passing, so she came up north and we happened to be up here when she was coming up.)

we were a motley crew of people wandering around the very northern tip of the lower peninsula and the southern end of the upper peninsula. two very butch dykes=ex and me. one super hot femme dyke=kk. one 87 year old woman with a walker and chemo running through her veins and chronically out her ass. one nearly 60 year old woman with her wits entirely about her and one 62 year old woman with her wits on the fritz.

The six of us hung out in st. ignace at the casino one afternoon. then the five of us, this is minus grandma c who needs to sleep a lot due to aforementioned chemo and diarrhea, hung out in one way, shape, or form the other evenings.

we drank beer together; we drank whiskey together; we played pool together; we talked late into the night together; we swam and hung in the sun together; we hung with the family p who was all up north at the same time as us together. what an elixir we all made.

we smeared northern michigan with quite a bit of queerness. it was all a bit tiring, but also fun. we even ended up at clyde's, the only business in carp lake, mi besides a mini-post office and a general store, one evening with k's dad and this fellow that lives in the trailer that k's other grandma used to live in. i know, entirely too much information, and why would you even care about any of this cause it has absolutely nothing to do with k trying to get pregnant or me bending down near her private parts and slinging jizz up on in, but it all does have to do with our incredibly complicated and yet so simple lives.

inside clyde's.

I mean the setting and props for our vacation were perfect--blue skies, luscious, deep bodies of water everywhere, plenty of fresh fish to nibble on, sunshine, blue skies, warm weather, water on skin, tiny bedroom with soft bed for sexual activity, forests--and then the characters for the vacation just kept growing in number and complexity.

i cannot do justice in writing about the weirdness that seemed almost totally normal to me over the last ten days, but i guess it is indicative of the ways in which our lives are hammered out in order to build us into these constantly changing beings. we suck up the circumstances of everyday and churn out as much beauty, meaning, and love as we can. sometimes we get cranky and fight and yell and behave badly. other times we just sit and take it all in--by all i mean whatever gets slung at us be it injuries, good times, old loves, old friends, family, moral dilemmas, justice, injustice, and all of the stuff of living and dying.

my learning this vacation has been all about gaining a better understanding of how to roll with it; whatever the it might be.

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