Thursday, November 20, 2008

i am conflicted

again, my kk started her period. i am convinced it is break time. but she does have an appointment with the reproduction doctor again on wednesday. he wants to try some different stuff. me, i do not want to try for the next couple months at all.

there's nothing like false hope.

i tend to be a cynical, stick in the mud, nasty ass bitch who likes to flip people off when they are annoying me.

i'm not always a bitch, but damn i sure can be one.

you should of all heard me yelling--in the quietude of my own house--profanities at heterosexuals the last few days. i cannot believe that this fucking world is even concerned with who consenting adults are fucking and building a life with. and once again i could go on and on, but really fuck you people who think my life is immoral; fuck you people who think you can tell me what i can or cannot put into my body; and fuck you you people who take for granted the fact that you have heterosexual privilege.

yes heterosexual privilege is a beast looming over my shoulder. it has hot breath and it stinks. and guess what i am tired of it not being looked at or dissected or challenged. can you all even believe that some of the robo calls for prop 8 said things about there being an overwhelming amount of gay characters on television. yeah right, sometimes i crave queer representation in pop culture or in my day-to-day life so bad that i have to watch but i'm a cheerleader for the umpteenth time or re-read annie on my mind again and again to get my fix.

a few weeks ago i saw a suburu commercial on logo that told this lovely little story of this twin who dedicated her life to orphans in africa. she spent her free time in the wilderness with her partner--or a woman looking person who appeared to be her partner--and i got all fucking weepy over it. yes, weepy over a goddamn tv commercial for a not very fuel efficient vehicle.

so check it hets. representations of your love are everywhere. everywhere. male cock in lady socket over and over and over. man tongue in woman mouth. man hand in woman hand, a loving embrace between a het couple, over and over and over and over. and over. i am almost choking on it now.

do you know that the only gay person i was aware of growing up was the art teacher at my high school who was followed home from a gay bar and murdered by two men in his shower.

yep. that's it.

i walked around in layers of gender ambiguity trying to understand why i felt so connected to some of my female friends with no examples; no direction; no anything.

and today,in highschool, is it much different?

today, we are experiencing the back lash of our steps forward. we are wallowing in the hatred of the religious and suffocating in the residue of heterosexual privilege and representation. gay folks strive to reproduce a nuclear version of family that mimics the very foundations of the people so hell-bent on denying and destroying gayness. i am guilty of it. i try to replicate heteronormative ways of being just by attempting to grow my family biologically with kk and living in a committed, monogamous relationship.

i want us all to be open to difference; to reliance on created, extended family/ non-nuclear family structures and non-bio family structures, and i do not want to be wrapped in the confines of the dangerous and destructive status quo. and i do not want to rely on pop-culture or other media representation for any kind of assurance that people like me are out there, and at the same time, my heart yearns for the familiar, for that which feels like home--for the beauty of women sharing passion and lust and love.

ultimately , i am conflicted and mad as hell and wanting to just cry real hard and everything be okay...


Anonymous said...

Go ahead and cry, babe. It fucking sucks.
We - not you and I, but all our folks - are making change. I feel it and I know it and I see it coming like a roll of thunder you can hear from far away.
It's coming and our babies, be they of our bodies or our hearts, will push this change to its tipping point. To the breaking point when love wins. Living our lives based on love is bigger and better than us all.
Hang tight, my friend. It's coming.

Anonymous said...

Sending you a hug...
(as someone who is not exactly straight nor gay if that makes any difference)

sandra said...

I hear you sister.

jay said...

i'm afraid i don't have anything useful to say, sorry, but i do send lots of love. xx

Anonymous said...

Fuck yes. I hear you and agree and cry too and scream and curse and wonder. But I'm with starrhillgirl. The change is coming and our voices are getting louder. So much love to you and kk. xox

Daye said...

that was beautifully written. i too want our fucked up culture to be better, more just--for there to be no fear of things (read people) different. I want grown ups to act like they are mature rational beings and not knee jerk finds a way...maintain your path

Anonymous said...

this is lauren from lik-a-maids. big d sent me your link. i enjoy your beautiful words so.

a ray of hope for you and the future... i teach kindergarten in a big, bad public school, and we are studying families. a little boy said, "sometimes a family has two moms." a couple of kids said, (parroting their parents)"that's nasty!" my little idealist responded with, "no it ain't - if they take care of each other and go to the park with their sons and daughters, it's a family."

the injector said...

Thanks so much for your comment! It does offer some hope in a rather down time in my life. So good to hear from you. I hope you are well and that life is bringing you lots of beauty.
Not sure if you'll see my comment response, but I thought I'd put it up here cause I was so touched by your story and was so happy to hear from you!