Wednesday, April 21, 2010

i lied and at least there were baby bees

k is bleeding now. now she is bleeding. it is bright red blood. it sucks. no cramping, but bleeding.

I am so fucking over all of this I can barely handle it.

What really sucks is today after work I had one of the most amazing experiences of my whole life, and k was there and she video taped it all and then we came home and had friends and neighbors on the porch and then k went to the bathroom and blood--bright red blood was all over the mini pad and a clot hung heavy on the top of the toilet water.

and i got mad and kind of turned my back.

and i am still mad.

but today, today after work we--that is my friends t and l plus me--we collected the most beautiful and enormous wild bee hive from an outbuilding one half block away from my house. It was such good work.

K taped us in action (hopefully, video cuts will one day be up on this blog).

The three of us worked so efficiently and well together. T cut the comb with wire from the eaves of the house one luscious piece at a time. L and I carried it to a tarp and cut the excess off into empty frames and then made sure the comb was held in place with rubber bands. The forefront of the wild hive was empty comb. The center of the hive was brood with edges of honey. Unfortunately we had to slice through larvae in order to cut the comb to frame size; it was a creamy white, pollen infested massacre.

But, but. oh my god, but...
We saw baby bees being born.

It was really the most amazing thing I've ever witnessed. The sweet wiggling heads of these finely formed insects busted with precision and grace out of their individual hexagonal larvae comb right before our eyes.

I witnessed three new lives surface from the mysterious depths of one of the most fascinating substances on earth--bee comb.

Their small bodies were pale yellow. Their legs were weak and clumsy--like new born goats trying to find footing.

We placed brood comb into the frames and then brushed hundreds of bees off of piece after piece of the large, undulating comb into the hive we were creating for them in place of their wild hive. There are more pictures to come, but later.

Did you know that a wild hive looks a bit like human female genita.lia?

It is lush and sensual and so full of life.

After the whole collection process, we came home and some of us drank beer and pizza was eaten. Then we went back to the hive spot and saw that the ladies were festering over the place where their other home had been so (without our strange, white, alienesque bee suits) t held a bucket up and scooped the remainder and I pulled the top off the super and he dumped them in and I closed the lid. We did this twice. We think the queen is in the new hive.

There are so many bees and the colony is so strong that even if we crushed her or she did not make it in, they would feed and build another...

At least there are bees being born amidst the bloody mess of stuff that keeps coming out of kk into our toilet.
at least.


starrhillgirl said...

Oh, babe. All my love this day to both you and k and all your people who are there around you. Hold each other close.

motherwilling said...

What a juxtaposition of exciting new experiences and deep fears. I will be thinking of you, kk, your little one and the baby bees.

lesbonurse said...

I'm sorry this is so hard for both of you. I'm hoping that everything will be ok.

Nicole said...

The bleeding sucks, and I hope it's nothing and I hope everything is ok. The honeycomb is one of the coolest things I've ever seen.

tiff said...

Never seen a honeycomb like that!!!

Oh wow though. I'm holding you both in my thoughts and hoping so much that everything will be okay.....

You two just deserve a break from this hardship.

Farmer Femme said...

Thinking of you and hoping hoping hoping. All my love.

jay and vee said...

Ohhhhh. We are hoping so very hard for you both and sending lots of love. What amazing bees and amazing women you are. xxxx

Anonymous said...

Of course the bees honey comb looks feminine. It is all nurturance and life-giving. I digress by mentioning that male paraphernalia are weapons-like. Think of the images and word associations of honey, hive, queen, buzz, and more.
Yes, N and K, we support you and all your giving and life-giving enterprises.

andrea said...

wow, what an amazing coincidence, er sign, or comforting reflection from nature! You are well, you are well. Enjoy the nesting. Peace peace peace.....kisses and hugs from CA.