Monday, April 26, 2010


i turned 34 this weekend.

i worked all day on saturday--the day of my birthday.

we went for beer at founders after working all day; it was yummy and we visited with good friends. we were in grand rapids.

k is still bleeding on and off. she is feeling sicker and sicker; i guess this is a good sign.

i have been reading like mad. i have been working so much that i turn off quickly when i come home by ducking my eyes and therefore my brain into a good book. I've read three kate delafield mysteries and one jane lawless mystery in the last week and a half and yesterday i read hood. yes, i am still on my "lesbian" fiction kick. I went through all the young adult lesbian novels at the whitaker branch library and now i have to get the other 4 i intend to read from the other branch. but in the meantime, i've been reading any other lesbianesque novel i can get my hands on. I go through these phases once in a while. these times when i cannot handle anymore straightness since it circulates around us like dandelions and grass and wind, essentially it is everywhere.

anyhow, it s just nice to read about two women finding peace and pleasure in one another. i like that. it helps take me away from the chaos of my working life and the stress of this living that is trying to happen in kk.

now, i am older--one year more notched out of the wooden trim lining the front door. now, i am hoping for longevity and limberness as this embryo unfolds into a child inside kk. i need strength. i need some bigger peace. i'll write about that more some other day.


Farmer Femme said...

Happy birthday!!

I understand ducking into a book in especially demanding, delicate moments.

Sarah Waters "Fingersmith" was a surprising favorite.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!

I'm often disappointed with the quality of writing in that genre but I agree with FF on Fingersmith. Off to look up the titles you've been reading..

jay and vee said...

happy birthday!! xx

Matilda said...

Have you read "Cry Babay butch"? It's by Judith Frank, and it's marvellous. The beginning - - it sooo great.

Anonymous said...

The Price of Salt. Hands down my fave. If you can find an old-school Naiad copy, all the better.

Happy, happy birthday, my friend.

jen said...

Happy Birthday! I too will be 34 this Thursday. I think I might buy myself some of these books you guys are mentioning!

Anonymous said...

I can definitely understand the urge to get away from the all-pervasive heterosexuality, especially in books. If you're looking for more, my blog has reviews and lots of links.

Happy birthday, and good luck with k! I don't know either of you, but I hope she heals fast.

Anonymous said...

books, birthdays, and babies are great, but i love the way this pregnancy is making you post more than once a month :}