Monday, January 21, 2008

the orgasm question

Starting the ball rolling all over again.
Her period has ended; her charting continues; the injections will now begin again.

Someone told us the other day that kk needs to orgasm with each injection of sperm. Is this true? Cause for all the times that I have shot that sweet smelling fluid up her, she has had orgasms about 3 times—give or take.

Part of the problem I have already explained—I have an issue with male fluids. The other problem is time and timing. I mean, for fuck sake, if I have to get her off every injection that means I can never just shoot and run out of the house when the other necessities of life come calling (work/obligations/etc). Furthermore, it is a little tricky to keep sperm warm in a syringe, get my baby all excited, and still have a hand free to make her come.

Please, do not take this as insensitive, or unsentimental, or rude. We do try to be as “spiritual” and loving about this process as possible. But, I am an incredibly practical gal. If the fluid is right and her cervix is right and her temp is right and her ovulation predictor kit is saying sling it and the ferns are forming on the maybe mommy and the days are lining up and her horniness level is right, then we have to trap and shoot. Sometimes, the time is early in the morning; sometimes, this is late at night.

And, of course we have to make sure bd’s life (plus those of his sweet family) is lining up with our lives. When the kind man is already willing and able to swing a jar of jiz by on his way to work, who then has time for kk’s orgasm?

Unless that orgasm is essential to the process of that darn sperm sticking to my kk’s egg, it becomes the last thing to check off on the doing it all right list. Of course, if we have a free night and all the timing is just perfect (which has happened) then things can run a little differently. Romantic lights and kissing and licking and all that.


vee said...

Necessary? Hell no! The heterosexual population would have died out long before now if it was necessary for a woman to orgasm in order to get pregnant! There are some who believe it may help - dipping the cervix into the pool of semen and helping it on its way, but I'd imagine an orgasm would be fairly far down on the list of Things You Need To Get Right, behind all the other stuff you are doing right already.

Zoe the Wonder Dog said...

Can I point off the obvious here? While injecting herself with the sperm might be tricky, I have every confidence that kk can get herself off. She is planning on being a fiercely self-reliant mama anyway, right? Might as well get started early :)

mrsbluemont said...

we have found the whole process to be quite unromantic. it's just pretty stressful for us newbies and i think it puts an awful lot of pressure on the injector. i just get myself off right after each insem. while you're getting the tasks of everyday life done, let kk do this little trick to herself while she's just propped up and hoping. and i seriously wouldn't worry if it doesn't happen. good luck!

starrhillgirl said...

Clearly not "necessary" - see Vee above. But if you want to throw it into the mix, this is the time for your most efficient vibrator and a new set of batteries.

Chips said...

Not once have we even thought about the elusive orgasm pre or post spermination. I think this is firmly in the 'can't hurt, might help' basket but certainly not necessary.