Monday, March 10, 2008

bikes, blood, and flaps

I just got home from work,and I rode my bicycle to get me here. It is 33 degrees in MI; minimal wind sailing over a slushy, gray landscape with abounding snow/ice chunks.

My ride was fast and thrilling and mostly uneventful. It gave me the biggest hankering for spring. Spring--that green time of year when the gray/brown mush of land and trees and the permanent cloud that seems to hang over the winter air disappears beneath the living things.

On that note, kk's flu has mostly left here sweet body. She has a lingering cough, but it is not fierce just a little mucus peep.

We are awaiting her bloody time. I made her pee on a stick yesterday; it said negative. Her temperature plunged to 95 after her fever of 2.5 days broke, and since that time her temp has been quite down--it never went up to indicate that anything stuck, so tomorrow she should start menstruation, and if she does not, well, I will get a little peeved cause then her cycle is getting all fucky, strange again.

While I'm on the subject of blood and cycles and girl parts, does anyone have complicated labia (I guess labia is the plural for labium which is just one fold of the whole contraption) or know of people who do? By complicated I mean extra-fleshy, flappy parts--like a turkey's gobble, wobble?

You let me know and I'll tell you why I ask. And, if you are too scared to say out right, well, do it in code.


plump said...

Nothing particularly complicated about my flappy least nothing I know of - sorry - I am intrigued though!

Sorry to hear about impending blood. It truly sucks. Hope you both get through it ok. xx

biscodo said...

An ex-roommate/lover had (and I would assume still has) surprisingly well-endowed labia. I mean... I'm not the owner/operator of aforementioned labia, but I've been acquainted with them. Does that count? I don't know where you're going with it but if I can be useful, shoot me an email.

Mrs. Bluemont said...

I have a rather boring labia, but my darling has the most exciting, engorged looking lips ever. She's been told by idiot docs that it's unusually large and raised concern over whatever sex-bending bits mean. But she's not planning to ever get pregnant, so I don't know that she can help with any questions from that piece of knowledge.

I'm sorry for the low temps, but glad they're not fever high anymore. I am concerned a bit with a 95 temp. My doc gets jittery with anything under 97. It could indicate a bum thyroid or hormonal imbalance. I'm not trying to worry you, but it may be worth checking out.

Much love to you both.

birdy.j said...

I don't usually have a 95 temp- it was just (I think) my body balancing itself out from the high fever. Thanks for worrying though! Oh, and there is nothing going on with my labia. Sadly, as far as I know my labia are nothing to write home about.... the injectors on the other hand.... def. something to write about!!!

Zoe the Wonder Dog said...

Well, you show me yours and I'll show you mine :) I'm fleshy but I don't think I have any "extra" bits... Certainly nothing that protects my tenderest parts on that damn bike saddle I have!

Anonymous said...

OK I'm writing without my usual blog name... but yep, bigger labs here. Longer and bigger than the outer ones - is that what you're talking about? When I was young, I did kind of wonder if I was borderline intersex or something, but now I realize that is by far the only indicator... What can I say? It was before I was lucky enough to be aquinted with the gorgeous shapes of flora and fauna of rad women. Are your flappy bits ok? I kind of like mine now :-) Something to play with, kind of absentmindedly.

Did you know they do labia reducing surgeries now? Cosmetic of course... "Designer Vagina" - one of the complications involves LACK of sensation or STINGING sensation. uh... no thanks.

But it can be a literal pain on the bike, if that's where you're going. I'm still searching for the best saddle out there. I know they make women's and men's saddles with the cut-out holes, and maybe my bike-body geometry isn't quite aligned properly, but I still get some squishing down there.

starrhillgirl said...

My bits are pretty text-book, but my ex has one of her inner labia that is considerably longer than the other (note how freely I speak of other people's vulvas on the internets!). Interestingly, she also rarely bleeds on her own, like every 6 months or so unless she supplements with progesterone and is very genderqueer. Who knows if any of those things are related. I'm not sure if she ever had any bike-seat issues regarding her parts, but I sort of doubt it - we used to talk about bike riding a bit b/c I don't know how (I know, I know....), which she thought was funy and weird. Anyway, I can ask her about it if you want more info.

the injector said...

SHG (starrhillgirl--almost sounds like shugar--i like that)so SHG,
what do you mean you do not know how to ride a bicycle?

i am personally coming down south to give you a private bike riding lesson... how bout that?

so read most recent post about the flappage issue...for bleeding highlights read on...

i bleed regularly, but quite light for 1.5 to 2 days and then done...and when i was 18/19 i stopped bleeding for over a year...

I guess I have a super teeny uterus--according to my first gyn. doc.

not planning on ever getting pregnant, but who the hell knows what life holds...

andrea m. said...

Hi. Labia come in all shapes and sizes, just like people. there is a great book, used as a teaching tool in Gyneca, called Femilia, published by Down There Press (love it!) A picture book exclusively of labia, all variations of "normal" cause there are SO many.
It's a beautiful book, if you can find it.
Mo' power to ya'll!!!