Monday, March 3, 2008

the weekend--waiting, food, screenings, dreams, and tv

the weekend was good to us as we continue to wait for news from k's womb and other news from k's g-ma's pancreas and internal organs.

on saturday, we had friends over for dinner. i made a slew of veg--zukes, red peppers, fennel, onion, garlic, capers, and kalamata olives + a fesh herb pasta + some fish. after eating the tasty food we made our way up to one of the best things about downtown ypsilanti, vgkids, . They were screening t-shirts of the ann arbor film festival's multi-layered design for free for the public and screening films in the back room.

screening t-shirts

I took a t-shirt and got a print of tall grass on the bottom of my shirt; it is sweet and pretty.

we watched beautiful films on the wall. skiboys had clips of energetic young men doing all kinds of crazy stunts on bicycles and other two wheeled objects. the landscapes were beautiful, and i was moved to a place of nostalgia that i did not know lived in my chest.

on saturday night i slept all strange, and k and i both dreamed vivid dreams of kk's mama. i thought she must really have been visiting us in our bedroom. these simultaneously dreamed dreams brought to my heart those rare occasions when i believe in ghosts--not hauntings, but presences of souls gone on, away from this living.

she visited us in our dreams

on sunday, k and i hung slow and hard together. my hands found their way to k's knees, and her bones stung me with the sharpness of her living. i was dazzled by her eyes and her mouth and left hungering to be even closer to her than i was.

we made pizza for the weekly lword festivities, and a and e brought endives with various cream cheese spreads inside, and a and r brought sweets, and t and r brought me some bulleit bourbon which is a smoky, smooth version of one of my favorite beverages.

and so we spend our time...full of goodness and waiting


Matthew said...

OH! bulleit is my absolutely most favorite bourbon ever! i miss you heaps natalie. i too wish we lived closer. we need to scheme about us coming up for a visit sometime. xoxox m

Anonymous said...

i just eat up all your posts. i wish i had one everyday and they'd become my morning meditations. you have a beautiful way with it dear. happy waiting. i'm all hopes for you and kk. ox

vee said...

I hope the news from the internal organs (mixed) is all good. And soon.

starrhillgirl said...

Sometimes the waiting is a bitch and sometimes it is just waiting - slow and long and full of promise. I'm with Mrs. B - how about a post everyday to feed the masses out here?

And that bourbon is Teh Best. Yes.