Monday, March 17, 2008

the weekend re-cap--another fri,sat,sun bites the dust

Happy st. pat's day. this is my green outfit i wore for monday!

a full up weekend is what we had.

Friday, brought us Michigan folk a sweet taste of spring. It was 50ish and sunny and the air held that touch of coming goodness that equals warm and light and the fading of perpetual clouds. I rode my bike into work and my hopes for the coming spring got a bit out of control (its been in the 30s since that lovely warm day). On Friday night we went out for our dear friend T's birthday. We had a lovely meal except for the sardine pasta that T's girl R tried to consume, but to no avail cause it tasted like fish meal smells. yucko. But we drank yummy wine and celebrated the birth of an amazing woman who I am so happy to have in my life.

I had to work Saturday morning--drive to lansing--long, suck, but alive.

And, Saturday night kk and I drove downriver to Trenton--that's where I grew up--to hang out with my mama and dad. Downriver is like the sardine pasta from Friday night that was too hard to swallow. You really want to love it, but it is gritty and nasty and it causes you to choke as you try to get it down your throat. We went to RP McMurphy's in Wyandotte (another Downriver town); one of our favorite places to eat when we are visiting my folks (decent places to eat are hard to come by in the area of my birth).
We drank black and tans and listened to a bag piper and really had a nice visit with my ma and dad. While my parents can drive me crazy because of their refusal to really wholly accept and embrace me and kk together in love, they do love us both a whole lot, and they are fun and kind people. One day, I will reflect on my relationship with my parents in more detail, but till then...

Sunday, I slept in. Then we went for a ride with Bike Ypsi peeps--it was a chilly ride, but delightful. Our Bike Ypsi crew is interesting, diverse and super fun.

Then we went to our friends' house and talked about starting a free school--more on that another day too. Then we went home and I made a huge pot of cabbage potato soup and our ladies all came over and ate soup and drank beer, whiskey, and/or wine and watched the l word (worst episode yet this season according to me). And A brought this raspberry cream thing with lady fingers--oh yum--and R brought these super cakey, fat chocolate chip cookies (I'd been craving such cookies for four months and R struck up some magic and fixed my craving).

So the weekend was a ball of fun and relaxation with our chosen family and our (well my) bio-family.


starrhillgirl said...

Sounds like a fabulous weekend. And I'm with you about that last L-word.

tiff said...

awesome st. paddy's day outfit girl!

hero said...

your outfit RULES. hawtness for my wee irish heart!

Ypsipearl said...

What the hell is it with sardine pasta? First, Luka loves smoked sardines and has begging for them. I went to the store and they didn't have those but I bought a crapload of other canned smoked fish. Then, I went out with some girlies and one of them got sardine pasta at Paesanos. THEN I got one of those free mags at the coop and there was a recipe for, you guessed it, sardine pasta! Now this! Weird!

I'm going to get a real bike so I can ride with you cool kids.

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