Wednesday, March 12, 2008

follow-up on flaps because i promised

Thank you to all who dared to share about your own or someone close to you or formerly close to you's labia. Reading through your comments has been really eye-opening and very humorous and thoughtful all at once.

Here's the deal. I happen to have a different-than-most-other-females flap. KK and I just pulled out the ruler and measured its length and width. It waggles down about one inch long and is about 1/4 inch wide. If anything, it cushions my ride more than obstructs it, but I do get numb down there when i ride for a while. I think most ladies (no matter the sizes of their flappy parts) get numb nether parts from having a seat rammed between their

And why blog about this at all? Mostly, cause I want to. Also, I think it interesting and important and empowering. And then it boils down to my own genderqueer identity. My flap hangs like a spongy dagger between my legs. It helps instruct something in me that fuels the many parts of who i am and am becoming. It can bust out below the rest of my anatomy like something associated with male anatomy and just as easily tuck back up into the other beautiful pieces of my female anatomy. It blends and obscures. My flap is unique--just like me.


Mrs. Bluemont said...

Thanks a million love. I'm sending this post directly to my Angi. She is certain to thank you too.


p.s. She got a really wide, cushined "old lady" bike seat just for that reason.

biscodo said...

Hey, be careful with that numbness thing when riding. Bad for your bits.

For years and years, the advice columns and word of mouth has been drilled into to the boys on the bikes: stand up in the pedals and stretch every 15 minutes or so. If the blood doesn't keep moving you can get penile numbness. Sometimes it can develop into injury resulting in impotency.

As far as saddles go - everyone's body, they way they ride, their perception of comfort - are all different. Gotta find what's right for you. But fer chrissakes, everbody - preserve that perineum! You only get one, and it's pretty important for bike riding and... uhm... other fun stuff. ;)

Matthew said...

that's fascinating. i definitely have suffered from numbness in my boy parts on long rides. not so comfy. standing up every now and again certainly helps though. and biscodo's article link has me a bit worried, so i'm gonna stand up even more now.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, all the bits are different so YSWV (your seat will vary!). And clearly you're a way more rad rider than I am. But be careful with the flappy and perinium numbness for sure. A few of my bike friends have had some serious long-term numbness. Those cut-out saddles are awesome for us folks with fleshy folds and dangly bits, whether innie or outie or flappy or mini.

Thank you for that flap-loving-manifesto-diary. Mine is TOTALLY at least that long too, and I don't think I've ever seen anyone's quite like that before. I have never measured it though, but I'll get my honey and her sexy little nerdy protractor out this weekend to see. But if it's just dangling, it's one size, but then it can kind unfurl like a radical banner proclaiming, 'I am labia, see me roar!' if you pull on it. So my labia at rest is different than labia pulled out between teeth :-)

I think that's a good moral to the story. Thanks for sharing -- what an awesome post for humpday Wednesday to push through the week.

Your sentiments here are awesome and beautiful and sexy. Think I mentioned yesterday that, for me, it was cause for minor consideration at times growing up, because it SO did not look like anything I could see or find online. But now I love it, love how much feeling it has, love how much it can play into sex and touching, both sucking and pulling, and love, as you so beautifully put it, "a spongy dagger" -- tender and tough, "blends and obscures."

You rock, as always.
Signed, longtime lurker, new poster

tiff said...

I appreciate what you write about so much. That post was awesome.

Zoe the Wonder Dog said...

Rolling around town yesterday had me dreaming of a bike saddle with no nose at all. Even with a cut out, I still get clit numbness. Yep, my perineum is fine, the numbness is further north, though better than when I first got the bike. Fortunately, other functioning does not seem impaired... but gotta say... an orgasm through clit stimulation when your clit is numb is a very odd creature! Oh wait, was the TMI?

Injector, what kind of saddle are you getting on the new bike? Are they gonna hook you up with something special or are you going with stock?

I've been having bike lust (it is spring after all) but I think I might be better off investing in a new saddle and trail-a-bike for the little guy...

biscodo said...

There are surely saddles out there to be had with no nose, but they are really not a good idea unless you're just park-moseying. You'd be surprised how much the nose matters for being able to stay on the bike side-to-side when on the road at any reasonable speed, especially downhill. You don't want to be navigating a turn and not be able to shift your body weight against your thigh.

If you want to try it sometime, let me know - I'll take a saddle and saw the nose off so you can take it for a spin - but I'm pretty sure you'll realize that it's no good out on the real road.

vee said...

One with a cut-out works well for me, providing I tuck my bits up properly before mounting.

Fuck about the blood, by the way.

jessie said...

Your flap is beautiful! What a great post.

Zoe the Wonder Dog said...

I've seen a no-noser and yes, it seems like two butt bones is not enough to give you stability. That I use the pubic bone to balance has to be part of my whole issue. I'm thinking trying Vee's approach and more carefully tucking bits -- never really tried that before.

What I really want is to be able to try lots of saddles, but the local shops don't really want you to do that even though they have the 30 day trial (though Tree Fort charges for it) AND none of them carries more than 2 or 3 women's saddles (and yes this is one place that I'm going for gender specific gear -- I've got widely set bones!).