Tuesday, February 26, 2008

February Injections

a snow kiss on lake huron

We’ve been injecting like mad since Sunday night. KK thinks she only really has one toilet paper wipe of fertile mucus, and she believes that wipe happened on Saturday while we were up in Cheboygan Memorial Hospital.

But we know the surge happened yesterday morning and was still continuing this morning. We injected Sunday night, Monday night, and Tuesday morning. This may seem like overkill, but we want one of the thousands to stick.

Bio-dad seems to have virile loads every time. He is still averaging 3CCs on a regular basis. This morning was almost 2CCs and that was after a full 3CCs 12 hours earlier.

So, in spite of the pancreatic cancer diagnosis that grandma c received yesterday—yes it is for sure cancer—we came home from up north and tried, tried yet again to get pregnant. We need a little life giving energy amidst the illness happening around us.

Update on Grandma C: she was doing quite well on Sunday morning after a rough Saturday of vomit and nausea. She was able to eat some ice cream and heftier soup for lunch before we left. She will most likely be released from the hospital in the next few days and then she will need to see a cancer doctor to talk about what’s up with treatment/end-of-life decisions…

Update on Northern MI in winter: lots of snow, lots of snowmobiles, lots of frozen water, lots of fishing shanties on bodies of frozen water, and for us this past weekend lots of sun (which was a glorious gift).

standing on snow shoes on lake huron

fishing in winter on burt lake

snowmobile parked next to our car in hospital parking lot


corey said...
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starrhillgirl said...

Lord. If I were doing anything other than tattoo-ing and drinking this cycle, we'd be all matched up. I'll be stalking y'all's 2 week wait as if it were my own.
Oh - and yay! The timing sounds good, the sperm sounds good (3cc! jfc!) and y'all are cute as peaches.

tiff said...

Awesome pictures! Way to go on sperming up! Holy crap - 3cc's? That's excellent. We usually only have 1 1/2- 2 at most.

Ps. Tagged you over at my blog!

jessie said...

good luck with the swimmers!