Monday, February 18, 2008

Haab's, Bicycles, and Fertility

one of the horses at Haab's on friday--picture courtesy of macbook's photobooth. My kk wants these paintings for our living room.

Haab's is our favorite local place to go for happy hour--they have $2.00 drinks (drinks include cocktails, wine, draft and bottled beer and they have good beers on draft like Dragonmead ) and $2.00 appetizers from 5-7 M-F. We often celebrate the end of the work week with friends (many happen to be our neighbors) at this fine old establishment.

This past friday we met some friends at Haab's and worked on a letter that we will be sending to organizations and bike shops; we will be asking a bunch of different folks and orgs to participate in our Bike Ypsi Expo on May 4, 2008--a community cycling day full up of various rides, fun, and all things bicycle--small bbq included (veg and real hot dogs). So, we had our computers with us and two of us screwed off with photobooth--but just for a little bit.

K had her first acupuncture appointment on valentine's day. she really loves the acupuncturist and is positive her services can help with something or other regarding her fertility. K's luteal phase may be a bit whacked and acupuncture cannot help with luteal phase problems--she may need progesterone or something like that. Next time around she will take an in-depth look at her chart with the acu-woman and hopefully they can get to the bottom of what is up with kk's cycle.

We start another round of injecting at the end of this week. I like to hope, but, as of late, I've kind of just left it in the air which is far different from hoping.

We will see.

In the meantime, I'll keep busying up my life with fun community things that are bicycle and beer centric, friends, and adventures at neat little places in ypsi--the places that keep me loving it here. Cause, come a kid, all things will change...


starrhillgirl said...

The one of the best things that I've been told during all this shit was to do the things now that I won't be able to do with a baby. This was from a friend who spent 4 years trying to make her daughter, so it really hit home.
Also, I too love my Dr. Acu. Love him to bits.

andrea m. said...

yeah! you seems to be in a good space. the acu-lady is a real positive move. i hope she helps in all the right ways, or points you closer to what will make a change.
you are so smart to keep that in mind, that although this time is tense and you are not getting baby NOW! i beg you, enjoy all the solitude and freedom of movement and every drop of "alone" time you can get. yeah for happy hours and beers and frinds and jokes and frustration. so human, so divine!

Anonymous said...

It's true that babies change your life forever, but I think you can still do almost all the fun things you did WITH your baby. That's what slings are for! I take Tuula everywhere I go, for the most part, and the only thing I maybe don't do so much anymore is go to the bar or anywhere that's smokey.

I know lots of people say that your freedom and your fun ends when kiddos come into your life--but I think the opposite can be just as true, depending on your perspective. They are such a joy, and I know that I have so much fun with my daughter--I'd never trade it for anything.


mrsbluemont said...

I'm with Gretchen. Glad the Acu went well and that things are going so beautifully in your world. You have such a lovely family and I can't wait to watch it grow this year. oxxo

Steve Pierce, Ypsilanti, Michigan USA said...

Did you try out the free wireless Interent at Haab's? - Steve

the injector said...

steve, yes we tried the new wireless--it is great to be able to jump online at haabs! thanks for making it happen.

amanda said...

Your local haunt and neighbors sound like lots of fun--AND i admire how involved you guys are in your community.
i'll be sending you the best of luck this month, and am glad to hear that you're getting some second opinions on things like the LP.