Monday, February 4, 2008

passing the cold, cold days with warming fun

It has been really cold these past few weeks. Today, is warmer, but the winter is starting to wear on my nerves. Last week we injected multiple times and keeping the sperm warm on the drive from bio-dad’s house to our house was tricky.

It required multiple dives down the shirt into warm cleavage directly after hand-offs. I’ve been wearing lots of layers and my big, thick green coat with the teddy bear fur hood. It’s been so cold I rarely feel like removing my coat. I want to bundle up in warm, warm blankets and sleeping bags and cushiony things and disappear until this freezing, winter subsides.

oh so romantic in my big furry coat

Over the last week, we dosed up a bunch and we think the timing was right on, so maybe, just maybe the 6th time with this donor and 8th try all together will work. The wait is on…

This weekend was fun (but cold). We left work a bit early on Friday and went to workout at our new favorite gym—washtenaw community college’s fitness center. I love it cause I can spin on a spinning bike there for as long as I want, do some weights and then go be all extravagant in the posh locker room—It is equipped with a steam room, a dry sauna, and a whirlpool—those warming devices are the only things making this frigid winter tolerable. I never participate in the spinning classes, cause I am super picky (and snotty) about music, and I detest a lot of the loud, not very good, techno they turn while pump, pump, pumping it up. Plus, too many slippery, sweaty bodies in one room make me nervous. So, I make my own mixes and spin when classes are not happening.

Saturday, we slept in. I got cranky and then got over it and then we had some friends over for an all veg southernesque dinner (greens, soup beans, fried potatoes, cornbread, veggie fried steak and gravy and black tea custard to top it off). We drank a growler of yummy dark beer from the local brewery and talked a lot.

A,you are a master with the food torch

Sunday, we went with two of our friends to a coffee roasting class at roos roast. It was a real fun time and the fellow who roasts the coffee, John Roos, is very, very hilarious (it was like attending a stand up comedy show and learning all about coffee at once). We drank a shit-load of extra-strong, delicious coffee, ate yummy muffins, and some smoky salmon, and got zippity, zippy on too much caffeine.

We all looked on in awe, in the cold of winter, at the homemade contraption that roasts up the best coffee around town

When we got back home from the roasting class, we watched an episode of the wire and then headed to the gym for some more exercise and a quick hot tub soak.

Then the ladies came over for some l word and popcorn and steamed pudding (that shit is delicious and i wish so bad i had a picture to share cause it was beautiful. T, sure knows how to do it up. We poured bourbon on it and yummy whip and powdered sugar and indulged)!

Nothing like friends, food, coffee, sweat, whirlpools, and warm, warm sperms to make the long winter days more tolerable--more doable--more liveable!


vee said...

How have I lived my entire life without knowing there was such a thing as a food torch? Now, of course, I need one.

devok said...

dang, sounds like an epic weekend.

amanda said...

Okay, 3 things.

1) i soooo hope this is your month.

2) i MUST know how to make veggie fried steak

3) can i have some black tea custard, please?

mrsbluemont said...

i would do anything for a sauna and steamed pudding right now. your weekend sounds damn perfect.

do you like the wire? i keep hearing all these good things but haven't seen a minute. be the vote that makes me netflix it.

i want this to be your month more than anything. it just has to be. HAS to. Must. good luck to you and your lady. i'm all crossed.


starrhillgirl said...

Nice, nice and nicer! I hear you with the stupid cold (and Virginia is really not even so cold). We need a blizzard or it needs to be May. I'm done with sweaters and long sleeves and knee socks.

And black tea custard, yes, please! Or at least the recipe?

I would like to make some funny comment about the picture of you in all the winter gear, but, really, I can't even think of anything - it's so f*cking funny on its own.

Why are so many lesbians in this baby search also so into food? Also, there seem to be an couple few librarians in the bunch. What's up with all that?

American Friends Service Committee said...

veggie fried steak? do tell!


reticulatedmama said...

yummy winter goodness.
i love that first pic.