Monday, June 18, 2007

no sugar patch--this month

Welp, the flow is on. K is not knocked up. She started her period exactly 30 minutes after me this hot June morning. Maybe our flowing together is a sign from some higher being cause the two of us have never been so tight on schedule. We rarely line up and when we do overlap we never start at the same time; it is still off by at least a day.

I'm thinking the first jiz didn't find the egglette cause we still needed my extra strong womanly side to appear and make fertile the ground for conception. Okay, maybe not, but starting our monthly wonder thirty minutes apart is very strange and if I believed in something mythical or real, I would say it means something.

So, since I am starting to believe in something again--something bigger than me and you, but not too big and not too powerful--I think maybe it is a wee sign of something about to be conceived.

Or, maybe not.

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