Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Sugar Patch

Well, the waiting is tricky. Waiting to find out if the sperm has taken root requires a new kind of patience. I refer to it as giddy patience. I mean it is highly unlikely that after two doses of semen K is going to find herself all knocked up, so with that thought looming over our furrowed brows, we wait with giggles in our guts and a little nervousness. I’ve been referring to the possible sperm/ egg cell concoction as the sugar patch. I think of the potential fetus as sweet and mysterious--all the stuff that a nice candy treat is made of.

We will know in a few days if it took. If it did not K’s bleeding time will start up and then we will start all over again--with giddy patience guiding us through a most wonderful process. This creation of a sugar patch stuff is really quite nifty.


birdy.j said...

Maybe we should call our child Sugar? Oh, wait. That's our cats name. Hmmm... Sugar 1 and Sugar 2?

Karen said...

The waiting is the hardest. (Or actually second hardest - the hardest is your girlfriend getting upset that it didn't take that particular time. But eventually it does - as I said to Beth it's a marathon and not a sprint. I don't think I used those exact words come to think of it. I'm sure I was much more impatient and much less poetic - as is my nature).